Hockey Stick Crafts : Repurposing with Creativity

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Have a couple of old hockey sticks lying around? Instead of letting them gather dust in the attic, how about transforming them into charming crafts? Hockey stick crafts are a fantastic way to repurpose old gear and create something special. Here, we explore some creative ideas for hockey stick crafts.

Hockey Stick Picture Frame

For the photograph-loving hockey enthusiast, a hockey stick picture frame is an excellent way to combine two passions. Cut pieces of the hockey stick to form the frame, attach them together, and voila! You have a unique, sports-themed picture frame.

Hockey Stick Coat Rack

A hockey stick coat rack is both a practical and aesthetic craft to prepare. All you need to do is attach hooks to an old hockey stick and secure the stick to a wall. It can serve as a quirky, functional piece in your entryway, perfect for hanging coats, keys, or even dog leashes.

Hockey Stick Bench

A more ambitious project could be a hockey stick bench – an eclectic piece of furniture that adds character to a space. Align hockey sticks side by side for the seat and use additional sticks for the legs and backrest. This project requires more sticks and a bit of carpentry know-how, but the end result is well worth the effort.

Hockey Stick Headboard

Give your bedroom a sporty vibe with a hockey stick headboard. Simply line up your old hockey sticks horizontally and attach them together. It’s an easy and exciting way to incorporate your love for the game into your home’s design.

Hockey Stick Clock

A hockey stick clock is a timely craft (pun intended) that combines functionality with a love for the game. You could use a single stick to serve as the clock’s base, cutting out the clock face in the blade portion, or use pieces of multiple sticks to create a larger, more noticeable timepiece.

What can you make out of old hockey sticks?

There’s a myriad of crafts you can make out of old hockey sticks, transforming them from sports gear to functional, creative pieces for your everyday life. A few ideas include:


Employ some woodworking skills to transform sticks into a unique bench, table, shelf, or even a bed headboard. The worn, rustic look of the sticks can provide a charming vintage aesthetic.

Household items:

Convert a hockey stick into a practical coat rack or a cool picture frame, a letter holder, or even a quirky wall-mounted clock.

Art pieces:

Create wall art using parts of the hockey sticks. This could be a mounted display of notable sticks or abstract pieces crafted from the wood.

Outdoor decor:

Use it as a garden sign or make interesting plant supports for your garden.


A hockey stick can be transformed into an innovative wine rack or even transformed into a unique lamp base.

Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to repurposing old hockey sticks. With a little imagination and some DIY spirit, you can find numerous innovative ways to give them a new, meaningful existence.

How to make a toy hockey stick?

Making a toy hockey stick is a fun and straightforward DIY project. Begin with selecting a lightweight material like balsa wood, plastic, or even cardboard. If you’re using wood, use a saw to cut the hockey stick shape according to the size you want, ensuring the blade end is broader than the grip end. If you’re using plastic or cardboard, cut it using suitable safety cutters or scissors. 

Sand the cut edges to remove any sharp points and make it smooth and safe for play. You can then paint the toy hockey stick in favourite team colors or add any desired decorations. Apply a layer of clear varnish to wood or plastic sticks to give them a finished, professional look. Now you have your own homemade toy hockey stick, ready for a fun indoor hockey game. Always remember safety first when undertaking any crafting project.

What can you do with old field hockey sticks?

Much like ice hockey sticks, old field hockey sticks can be repurposed into a number of creative and functional items. Consider turning them into crafty home decor like picture frames, clocks, or even a decorative border for a sports-themed room. For practical applications, they can be transformed into a stylish coat rack or a nifty entryway welcome sign. 

Dive into your artistic side and use the sticks to construct a unique piece of wall art. Feel like taking on a bigger project? Assemble multiple sticks to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces like a side table, a bench, or a headboard for your bed. All you need is some DIY spirit and a few tools, and you can breathe new life into your old field hockey sticks.

Turning Sports Equipment Into Art

Hockey always leaves us with beautiful memories, and what better way to immortalize those moments than with hockey stick crafts? From practical home-usage items to decorative pieces, there are countless ways to repurpose old hockey sticks and give them a second life full of charm and creativity. Let’s dive into some more innovative and endearing hockey stick craft ideas.

Hockey Stick Shelf

With their sturdy build, hockey sticks make great raw materials for building a shelf. Whether you decide to design a simple wall-mounted shelf for your trophies or a small bookshelf, the outcome will definitely carry a personal touch and speak loudly of your sports affinity.

Hockey Stick Coffee Table

A hockey stick coffee table can be a brilliant centerpiece for your living room and the talk of your hockey-loving friends. The table top can be composed of old stick shafts aligned and secured together, whilst the legs can be assembled using the sturdier end of the sticks. This creates a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that exudes the spirit of the game.

Hockey Stick Garden Sign

To add a little sporty touch outside, crafting a garden sign using a hockey stick is an excellent idea. You can write a welcoming message in your front yard or use it as a direction sign in your garden. The worn outlook of the stick often harmonizes beautifully with the green outdoors.

Hockey Stick Wine Rack

For hockey enthusiasts who also appreciate a good bottle of wine, a hockey stick wine rack might just be the way to link both passions. Creating stacking loops with the sticks and secure fastenings can result in a trendy wine rack, perfect for showcasing your favorite bottles.

Hockey Stick Letter Holder

Keep your desk organized with a letter holder made of hockey sticks. Cut slim sections, align them together, and you have an innovative letter holder that’s as practical as it is interesting.


With a bit of creativity and some spare time, old hockey sticks can be transformed into incredible works of art. These hockey stick crafts not only repurpose unusable gear but also makeit a fabulous way to showcase your love for the sport. Whether you’re crafting a small picture frame or building a sizable bench, the experience itself is as rewarding as the sport of hockey.

Creativity knows no bounds when repurposing hockey sticks. With some imagination and effort, these sports equipment pieces can transform into delightful crafts. The beauty of it lies not only in the final handmade product but also in the process of transforming something old into something new and meaningful. So why not start today and give those old hockey sticks a new lease on life?

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