Best Hockey Fighters of All Time

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Hockey is a sport known for its tough competition and physicality. Fighting is also a part of hockey, and some of the best fighters in the NHL are also some of the best players in the league. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best fighters in NHL history. We’ll examine their careers, their fighting styles, and what made them great at getting into fisticuffs on the ice. So put on your boxing gloves and let’s get ready to rumble with the best hockey fighters of all time!

Gordie Howe

Nicknamed “Mr. Hockey”, he was known for his physicality on the ice

Gordie Howe is a name that commands respect in the world of hockey. Nicknamed “Mr. Hockey”.  Gordie Howe was well known one of the best hockey fighters off all time. The man was an unmatched force in his playing days, intimidating opponents with his strength and skill on the rink. 

He began his professional career at merely 18 years old. He went on to play in five different leagues over the course of five decades. He’s best known for being part of four Stanley Cup championships that took place during his more than 30 years with the Detroit Red Wings. His impact on hockey will forever be remembered and admired by countless fans around the world.

Bob Probert

Considered one of the best enforcers of all time – was also a skilled player

Bob Probert was an outstanding hockey player best known for being one of the best enforcers of all time. He was a fighter who was respected for his toughness, fearlessness and willingness to drop the gloves with anyone. Despite this aspect of his career, Probert also possessed many other skills which were often overlooked by much of the public. 

A strong skater who could score goals and distribute the puck with precision and endurance, Probert has been considered one of the best power forwards in hockey’s history. His legacy as one of the best hockey fighters ever will remain, yet it is important to note that he was more than just a fighter; he could hang with skill players as well.

Tie Domi

Another well-known enforcer, he was particularly adept at using his fists

Tie Domi was without question one of the best hockey fighters of all time, best known for his quick fists and his tenacity on the ice. He made a career out of being an enforcer and although he could skate and play the game with skill, it was his ability to unload devastating uppercuts that set him apart from the pack. Domi fought 283 times in his brilliant career and many believe his stamina is what made him one of the most feared fighters in NHL history.

Chris Nilan

Often referred to as “Knuckles”, he was one of the most feared fighters in hockey history

Chris Nilan, best known by his nickname “Knuckles”, was one of the best hockey fighters of all time. The Montreal Canadiens forward left a legacy of fear. His wake as he rumbled through arenas on a nightly basis during his 13 seasons in the NHL. 

A three-time Stanley Cup champion with Montreal. He said there wasn’t a single player out there who wanted to get on Knuckles’ bad side or risk being laid out flat by one of his signature haymakers. Although Chris had to retire early due to injuries, he’s still remembered as one of the fiercest and most intimidating players ever to hit the ice.

Stu Grimson

Nicknamed “The Grim Reaper”, he was one of the tallest players in the NHL

Stu Grimson was a formidable figure when he stepped onto the ice. Nicknamed “The Grim Reaper” for his intimidating presence. He was one of the tallest players in the NHL. His size to his advantage while engaging in fights. He was one of the best hockey fighters of all time. He wasn’t afraid to drop his gloves and take on any challenge. Proving over and over again why he received such a titled moniker. 

His physicality shook up opponents both on and off the ice. It’s no wonder he earned 1476 career penalty minutes over 14 seasons of play. This makes him one of the best-known enforcers in professional hockey.

Joey Kocur

Known for his massive punches, he was often called upon to fight opponents much larger than him.

Joey Kocur was best known for his massive punches, allowing him to take on opponents who were much larger than him. His knack for dishing out punishment without suffering any in return has earned him a place as one of the best hockey fighters of all time. 

It wasn’t always easy fighting against people that weighed twice his size. Joey was an expert at using technique and leverage to keep himself safe while still dishing out punishing hits. Joey made sure no one took advantage of his smaller stature and proved why he’s one of the best fighters ever whenever he stepped onto the ice.


To conclude, there’s no denying the legacy left behind by some of hockey’s greatest fighters. Whether it was Gordie Howe’s tenaciousness, Bob Probert’s strength, Tie Domi’s fists, Chris Nilan’s knuckles, Stu Grimson’s intimidating size or Joey Kocur’s powerful punches. All these players redefined how hockey was played through their fearless physicality. 

All six men have and will continue to inspire generations of hockey fans. Further solidify their status as some of the best hockey fighters of all time. Go ahead and do your own research; you may find even more historic enforcers that fit this esteemed list. We invite you to join us in paying homage to these great players. Their extraordinary contributions to the game we all love.

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