Cornell vs Princeton Hockey – The Iconic Rivalry

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In the realms of college hockey, some rivalries are so intense and thrilling that they become the stuff of legend. One such rivalry is the high-stakes competition between the Red Bears of Cornell University and the Tigers of Princeton University. This gripping series of match-ups features two of the Ivy League’s most storied hockey teams who are powerhouses in the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC).

Hockey lovers would undoubtedly be familiar with the Cornell-Princeton rivalry, and those new to hockey will find no better spectacle. Who could forget the unforgettable clashes that play out on Lynah Rink in Ithaca and Hobey Baker Memorial Rink in Princeton each season?

Season Highlights

In a typical season, Cornell and Princeton face-off twice in the regular season, and each game is a hot ticket. Like all the best rivalries, the Cornell-Princeton match has seen everything from hard-fought comebacks to nail-biting overtimes.

Cornell’s Leading Edge

The Red Bears from Cornell have traditionally held the upper hand, boasting an impressive all-time series record against the Tigers. They have maintained the edge in both head-to-head match-ups and championships, with a striking line-up of skilled and passionate players who have graced the rink season after season.

Princeton’s Fierce Defense

Princeton, however, is known for their tenacity and refusal to be outdone. They have hunkered down defensively, often playing their best hockey in games against Cornell. Some of the finest performances have been witnessed in these high-stakes games, thus making Princeton a worthy competitor.

Comparison Table: Cornell vs. Princeton Hockey

ColorCarnelian and WhiteOrange and Black
Hockey RinkLynah RinkHobey Baker Memorial Rink
Famous AlumniKen Dryden, Joe Nieuwendyk, Ben ScrivensKevin Westgarth, Jeff Halpern
Style of PlayOffensively aggressive, fast-pacedDefensively solid, quick counter-attacks
Fan TraditionsLoud cheers, traditional chants, fish traditionCompelling rallies, goal salute, impressive color display

The Techniques On Ice

Cornell’s Offensive Strategy

Corresponding to their aggressive and fast-paced playing style, the Red Bears have developed intricate offensive strategies that have aided them in their victories.

  • Speed and Power: One of Cornell’s primary offensive strengths lies in their superior speed and power, allowing them to break through the opposition’s defenses.
  • Clinical Finishing: Cornell’s players have a reputation for being clinical finishers, taking full advantage of opportunities and scoring when it matters the most.
  • Creative Set-Plays: Cornell’s offensive playbook features inventive set-plays, often resulting in unexpected and spectacular goals.

Princeton’s Defensive Prowess

Well renowned for their defensive consistency, the Tigers have built their playstyle around a solid defense and quick counter-attacks.

  • Solid Goalkeeping: Princeton’s goalkeepers have historically been prominent in keeping the opposition at bay with their spectacular saves.
  • Adept Defense Line: The Tigers consistently showcase a robust defense line capable of thwarting any offensive threats.
  • Quick Transitions: Princeton is known for its swift transitions from defense to offense, often leading to surprising counter-attacks.

Home Ground Advantage

The Lynah Faithful (Cornell)

As anyone who’s ever attended a game at Lynah Rink would confirm, there’s no such thing as a quiet game. The Cornell crowd, known as the ‘Lynah Faithful,’ is one of the loudest and proudest in college hockey.

  • Roaring Cheers: Each score by the Red Bears is met with deafening cheers that reverberate throughout the rink.
  • Lynah Chants: Traditional chants echo, creating an intimidating atmosphere for the visiting teams.
  • Fish Tradition: In a tradition that dates back to the 1970s, home fans toss a fish onto the ice when Cornell scores its first goal against Harvard.

The Roar-ior Zone (Princeton)

Likewise, the Hobey Baker Memorial Rink, the home ground of the Princeton Tigers, plays host to its share of passionate in-rink traditions and lively crowd interactions.

  • Orange and Black Display: The stands filled with the Tigers’ orange and black colors create a daunting sight for any visiting team.
  • Roar-ior Zone: The dedicated student section, known as the ‘Roar-ior Zone’, fuels the home team with compelling cheers and rallies.
  • Goal Salute: A unique celebration in which all fans stand and salute the team every time Princeton finds the back of the net.

Memorable Match-ups

One of the most memorable games in recent memory took place during the 2018-19 season. Cornell, ranked first in the ECAC, tied with Princeton in a suspense-filled match that ended 3-3 after overtime. Fans at Lynah Rink were treated to a spectacular evening of hockey that showcased the best of both teams.


Indeed, the Cornell-Princeton matchup transcends the ice rink. It showcases the academic and athletic prowess of both universities. It’s more than just hockey – it’s about school pride, history, tradition, and a friendly competition that brings out the best (and sometimes, the most heated) in all involved.

Future Predictions

While it’s always a challenging task to predict the outcomes of this epic rivalry, one thing is for sure: the spirit of competition, of the sport, and the love for the game will continue to thrive. As forwards, defensemen, and goalies on both sides come and go, the storyline of the rivalry will continue to be written.

No matter which team one supports, the Cornell vs. Princeton hockey rivalry is a spectacle to be appreciated. It’s about the twists and turns, the suspense, the shared history, the unbreakable spirit of competition, and everything that makes hockey one of the most beloved sports in the Ivy League and beyond. This intense competition is indeed a testament to the true spirit of college hockey.

Fan Fervor and Hockey Atmosphere

Arguably one of the most electric fan experiences in college sports. The crowds at a Cornell-Princeton game come alive with school spirit, fiercely supporting their respective teams. Engaging in spirited chants, waving banners and flags, and proudly donning their school colors, the fans are an essential element of the hockey spectacle. The electrifying atmosphere generated by the stands becomes an integral part of the experience, driving the players to strive for excellence, and leaving spectators with memories that last a lifetime.

Legendary Players

Throughout the years, the Cornell-Princeton rivalry has produced some of the most talented players who have left their mark on the ice, and some have even played in the NHL.

Cornell’s Standouts

Cornell has given us stars like Ken Dryden, Joe Nieuwendyk, and Ben Scrivens. Who have shone brightly in not just the Ivy League, but on the national stage as well.

  • Ken Dryden: Winner of six Stanley Cups and a five-time Vezina Trophy recipient, immortalized as an NHL Hall of Famer. His leadership and outstanding goaltending skills set the standard for future Cornell players.
  • Joe Nieuwendyk: A three-time Stanley Cup winner and the recipient of the 1987 Hobey Baker Award. He scored 45 goals in his sophomore year, demonstrating his elite level of play and putting Cornell on the NCAA map.
  • Ben Scrivens: An excellent goaltender who set records at Cornell and continued to impress during his time in the NHL. Scrivens had his breakthrough moment when he made 60 saves in a single game against Princeton, showcasing his stamina and desire to win.

Princeton’s Remarkable Alumni

Some of the most notable players from Princeton’s illustrious hockey history include Stanley Cup winners, Kevin Westgarth and Jeff Halpern.

  • Kevin Westgarth: A power forward and a key player during his time at Princeton. Westgarth went on to become a key piece in the Los Angeles Kings’ 2011-2012 Stanley Cup-winning season.
  • Jeff Halpern: A prolific forward prodigy, who became the captain of the Washington Capitals and won the Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. As a Princeton player, Halpern consistently put up impressive point totals, leading the Tigers in their pursuit for victory.

Renewed Rivalry Every Season

Each year, as a new wave of freshmen join the ranks, the Cornell-Princeton rivalry continues to escalate. These young players, drawn to these Ivy League schools by their histories and traditions. Look forward to proving themselves in this legendary battle on ice. The seniors, filled with determination to leave their lasting legacy, step up to guide their team further toward glory.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cornell vs. Princeton Hockey

1. Q: Who has the historical upper hand in the Cornell-Princeton hockey rivalry?

A: While both teams have had their moments of glory, Cornell holds an edge in terms of the all-time series record.

2. Q: Where are the home grounds for Cornell and Princeton hockey?

A: Cornell plays their home games at Lynah Rink, and Princeton at Hobey Baker Memorial Rink.

3. Q: What are some of the distinctive features of a Cornell-Princeton hockey match?

A: The matches are renowned for their high intensity, fervent fan reactions, classic hockey plays and high stakes due to the long-standing rivalry.

4. Q: Who are some of the famous players from Cornell and Princeton?

A: Some famous Cornell alumni include Ken Dryden, Joe Nieuwendyk, and Ben Scrivens. Notable Princeton alumni include Kevin Westgarth and Jeff Halpern.

5. Q: What are the traditional colors of Cornell and Princeton?

A: The traditional color of Cornell is Carnelian (a shade of red), and white, while Princeton uses orange and black.

6. Q: What are some of the fan traditions at a Cornell-Princeton hockey match?

A: At Cornell, home fans are known to throw a fish onto the ice. At Princeton, fans stand and salute the team each time they score.

7. Q: Are the Cornell-Princeton hockey matches televised?

A: Yes, many Cornell-Princeton games are televised, with some also being available to watch on live stream, depending on the season and broadcast schedules.

8. Q: How can I get tickets to a Cornell-Princeton hockey match?

A: Tickets can be purchased through the respective universities’ athletic department websites or ticket offices, and also via various online ticket platforms.


Cornell vs. Princeton in college hockey is not just a game. It’s an event and an experience, one where passion, pride, and skill come together to create an unforgettable spectacle. Here’s to the many more exciting games that these two universities will play against each other.

The ongoing saga of the Cornell vs. Princeton hockey rivalry is not just an athletic contest, but a captivating story filled with legendary players, heartbreaking losses, triumphant victories, and fervent dedication from both athletes and fans. With each passing season, the next thrilling chapter awaits to be unfolded, cementing the status of this iconic rivalry in the annals of college sports history.

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