Field Hockey vs Lacrosse Goggles – Eye Protection for Sport

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Hello to each valued reader. Today, we delve deep into a topic of great importance, yet sometimes overlooked in the sports realm – the eye protection equipment used in field hockey vs lacrosse. Both sports are ardently loved, requiring considerable skill, coordination, and boasting strong, passionate community followings. However, inherent risks come with the package, and one such risk is the potential harm to eyes, making it imperative to discuss the safety gear, specifically goggles, used in these sports.

In the succeeding discourse, attention will be accorded to the comparison of goggles used in field hockey and lacrosse, elucidating their design, importance, and individual roles in the respective sports. Generous light will be shed on factors to consider when choosing the apt goggles. The ensuing discussion aims not only to inform but also to underscore the importance of safety in sports that we venerate and cherish.

Field Hockey vs Lacrosse Goggles: A Comparison for Your Peace of Mind

Deciding between field hockey and lacrosse goggles can be a challenging task for players and their families, especially during trying times. We understand the importance of making an informed decision that provides comfort and safety, and we are here to stand beside you in this process. This comparison table.

Comparison Table

FeaturesField Hockey GogglesLacrosse Goggles
Safety StandardsASTM F2713 (specific for field hockey)ASTM F803 (for lacrosse & other sports)
DesignCage-style with open wire constructionCage-style or form-fitting, depending on the model
VisibilityGood peripheral visionGood peripheral vision depending on design
ComfortAdjustable straps & foam paddingAdjustable straps & or foam padding
ProtectionDesigned for protection from field hockey impactsDesigned for protection from lacrosse impacts

Field Hockey Goggles: Design, Role and Choice

Field hockey goggles, designed to be light, compact, and robust, are fortified to shield players’ eyes from the high-pace play. The design revolves around offering maximum protection, yet ensuring player visibility and comfort.

Key features of field hockey goggles:

Wire Cage Design

The goggles consist of a wire cage structure covering the eye region, providing visibility and protection simultaneously. The wire cage safeguards the eyes from swift airborne hockey balls and errant sticks while offering a clear field of view to the player.


Another pivotal feature is the comfort factor. They usually incorporate soft foam padding around the wire structure, providing a cosy fit while ensuring goggles adhere to the position during intense play.

Adjustable Straps and Elastic Bands

Designs may come with adjustable straps for a customizable fit for varied head sizes, whereas others may feature flexible bands that adapt to most head sizes.

Durability is a crucial aspect. They are designed to endure high impact and often come with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings.

Choosing the right goggles involves several criteria:

  • Adherence to safety standards.
  • Comfort, visibility, and durability.
  • Can they withstand even severe play conditions?

Recall, the primary aim is to safeguard your eyes without impeding your performance. Picking the apt goggles can drastically bolster your safety on the field, thereby enhancing your overall field hockey experience.

Lacrosse Goggles: Design, Role and Choice

Steering our discussion to lacrosse goggles now. Similar to field hockey, lacrosse is a fast-paced, coordinated sport requiring protective gear, owing to the sport’s physical nature and quick gameplay.

Expect similarities with field hockey design but with distinct differences. Lacrosse goggles not only protect against balls and sticks but also shield the player’s face from possible body contact,

Notable elements of lacrosse goggles:

Expanded Facial Coverage

Lacrosse goggles cover more facial area and often manifest in a ‘mask’ design, covering the eyes, nose and cheeks.

Comfort and Fit

Similar to field hockey goggles, lacrosse goggles typically boast foam padding, adjustable straps or elasticated bands, maintaining a lightweight for player comfort.

Sweat Management

Some designs might include features to handle sweat, letting players concentrate on the game during intense moments.

Durability plays a significant role here, too. Materials used need to endure high impact, frequent usage, and weather conditions.

Choosing lacrosse goggles involves the following considerations:

  • Are they compliant with safety standards?
  • Do they offer good visibility, comfort, and durability?

Your chosen goggles should protect but not hinder, adding to the safety and enjoyment of your lacrosse endeavors.

Pros and Cons

Field Hockey Goggles


  • Designed specifically for field hockey
  • Meets ASTM F2713 safety standards for field hockey
  • Provides good visibility and comfort


  • Not suitable for lacrosse players
  • Cage-style design may not suit everyone’s preference

Lacrosse Goggles


  • Designed specifically for lacrosse
  • Meets ASTM F803 safety standards for lacrosse and other sports
  • Available in various design styles to suit individual preferences


  • Not suitable for field hockey players
  • Visibility may vary based on the design and style

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning of Sports Goggles

Practicing regular maintenance and cleaning for your sports goggles is another crucial aspect of ensuring their longevity and function. Below are some practical tips to keep your goggles at their best.

Field Hockey and Lacrosse Goggles:


Clean the goggles after each use, taking delicate care of the lens area. A microfiber cloth or one specifically designed for eyewear should be used to avoid scratches. For a more in-depth clean, apply lens-cleaning fluid or mild soap.


Always store your goggles in a protective case when they’re not in use. This will prevent potential scratches or damages and keep them dust-free.

Check for damages

Regularly inspect the goggles for any damages. Checking from time to time can save you from using potentially unsafe equipment. Pay particular attention to the lens areas and straps.

Professional Service

Finally, if your goggles are high-end or particularly complex, consider professional cleaning and maintenance services from time to time to ensure their peak condition.

At the end of the day, maintaining the quality and function of your field hockey vs lacrosse goggles is just as essential as selecting the right pair. Proper care and attention will keep them in the best shape, giving you the confidence to focus entirely on your game without concern for your eye safety.

Sports goggles stand as your trusty companion on the field, protecting one of your most valued senses. As a player, awareness of their design and purpose enriches your understanding and appreciation for this piece of equipment. May this comprehensive guide help you choose, use and take care of your goggles, elevating your field hockey or lacrosse experience to a safer, more fulfilling level. Here’s to playing the sports we love in the safest way possible. Onward to many thrilling games ahead!

Field Hockey Goggles vs Lacrosse Goggles

Field hockey vs lacrosse goggles share the same objective of eye protection and retain similar characteristics, but they are not identical due to the sports’ differing demands and risks.

Whether you’re a field hockey player powerful on the grass or a lacrosse player deftly guiding across the field, remember your safety is paramount. Our discourse today seeks to underscore this significance, offering information in a simple, digestible manner, and hopefully providing reassurance that safety and enjoyment in sports can harmoniously coexist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A set of frequently asked questions (FAQ), will support you in making the right choice.

Can I use field hockey goggles for playing lacrosse?

No, field hockey goggles are designed specifically for field hockey and meet the ASTM F2713 standards. Lacrosse goggles, designed for lacrosse, comply with ASTM F803 safety standards and provide appropriate protection for lacrosse.

Are there specific goggles for girls and boys?

Yes, some manufacturers produce gender-specific goggles to accommodate differences in facial structure and preferences.

How important is padding for goggles?

Padding adds comfort and helps absorb impact, offering additional protection during play.

Are there any particular brands that are better suited for beginners?

Well-known brands such as STX, Brine, and Cascade are just a few examples of companies that offer goggles for both field hockey and lacrosse suitable for beginners.

What does ASTM stand for?

ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials. They set the standards for sports equipment safety, ensuring goggles provide the necessary protection for players.

How can I maintain my goggles to ensure long-lasting protection and comfort?

Regular cleaning, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, and storing them in a protective case will help prolong their lifespan and maintain performance.

Can I wear glasses under my field hockey or lacrosse goggles?

Some goggles are designed to fit over glasses, but it is essential to try on the goggles with your glasses to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

How often should I replace my goggles?

It is recommended to replace your goggles if they show signs of damage, wear, or become uncomfortable due to natural degradation of the materials.

We hope this information brings comfort and guidance as you choose between field hockey vs lacrosse goggles. Our priority at Funerare 24 is to support you with empathy and professionalism, ensuring you make the best decision in this emotional time. If you need further assistance, we are always here for you and your family.

Final Thoughts

Sports stand as a celebration of the human spirit and accomplishment, an expression of passion and skill. Let’s pledge to keep safety and joy at the heart of every game, and there’s no sentiment quite like scoring the winner while knowing you’re well-protected. Engage in sports safely, and may the spirit of sports perpetually illuminate within you.

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