Best Hockey Goalies Of All Time

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In the world of hockey, there are a select few players who have truly stolen the show. These are the best hockey goalies of all time. They have exceptional skills and add an extra level of excitement to the game. When it comes to stopping goals, these athletes are in a league of their own. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we countdown the top 11 best hockey goalies of all time.

Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur is widely considered to be the best hockey goalies of all time. He holds several NHL records for wins, shutouts, appearances by a goaltending, saves, and minutes played as a goaltender. His incredible reflexes and positioning allowed him to make some spectacular saves. No wonder he was nicknamed “Mr. Perfect”!

Jacques Plante

Jacques Plante revolutionized the goaltending position when he became the first goalie to wear a mask on the ice during a game back in 1959. His ability to stay cool under pressure enabled him to win six Stanley Cups and five Trophies in his illustrious career. He was also an innovator, introducing the butterfly style of goaltending that is now used by many goalies today. Plante’s impact on hockey will never be forgotten as he forever changed how modern goaltenders play their position.

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall is one of the most decorated best hockey goalies in history, winning three Stanley Cups and two Vezina Trophies during his career. His legendary endurance earned him the nickname “Ironman” as he played every single game between 1955-61 without missing a single start due to injury or illness. He was known for his tenacity and mental toughness, never giving up even when faced with overwhelming odds. Through sheer determination and dedication, Hall achieved greatness on the ice which will never be forgotten.

Eddie Belfour

Eddie Belfour had an impressive career that spanned over 15 years in which he set numerous records for wins and shutouts. During his tenure in the NHL, Belfour won two Stanley Cups, one Vezina Trophy and was twice a finalist for the Hart Memorial Trophy as the league’s Most Valuable Player. Belfour’s intimidating presence between the pipes combined with his strong technical skill enabled him to become one of the most successful hockey goalies in history.

Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy was a best hockey goalies of all time unlike any other, winning four Stanley Cups and three Vezina Trophies during his career. He had an aggressive style that could make him vulnerable to soft goals but also enabled him to make some fantastic saves as well. His trademark “paddle save” is still used by modern goalies today, a testament to his greatness on the ice. Roy was also known for his fiery temper which made him one of the most feared netminders in NHL history.

Terry Sawchuk

Terry Sawchuk is considered by many to be the greatest best hockey goalies of all time in hockey history. He was a four-time Stanley Cup champion and won seven Stanley Cup Trophies in his career, which is an incredible feat. His tremendous ability to read plays and make split-second decisions enabled him to make some of the most spectacular saves ever seen on the ice. He was also renowned for his toughness, never giving up even when faced with overwhelming odds. All these factors earned him the nickname “The Uke” – short for ukulele because of how he could move around so quickly! He will forever remain one of the greatest goalies ever to grace the ice.

Tony Esposito

Tony Esposito had an impressive career that spanned over 15 years, winning three Vezina Trophies and numerous other awards throughout his time in the NHL. His style combined athleticism with agility to make some remarkable saves each game. Over the course of his career, he became one of the most respected goalies in the league and is still revered today.

Mike Vernon

Mike Vernon is best known for his memorable performance during the 1989 Stanley Cup Finals. Where he led the Calgary Flames to victory over the Montreal Canadiens. During his career, he won two Stanley Cups and one Conn Smythe Trophy. He was Most Valuable Player of the playoffs.

Dominik Hasek

Dominik Hasek was one of the most unique goaltenders to ever play in the NHL. During his career he had won two Stanley Cups, six Vezina Trophies, two Hart Memorials and four Jennings Trophies. He had a style that relied heavily on athleticism and quick reflexes. Which enabled him to make some spectacular saves each game. His legacy will forever remain one of the greatest goalies to ever grace the ice.

Ken Dryden

Ken Dryden had one of the shortest but most successful careers of any goalie. He wins six Stanley Cups with the Montreal Canadiens and one Vezina Trophy for his efforts. He was renowned for his calm demeanor. When he played against powerful teams. His quick reflexes, which allowed him to make some amazing saves. He was also a student of the game. His studying tactics and analyzing opponents’ play styles in order to gain an edge on them. Dryden’s legacy lives on as one of the greatest goaltenders ever.

Johnny Bower

Johnny Bower is one of the most beloved players in hockey history. He won four Stanley Cups with the Toronto Maple Leafs and two Vezina Trophies during his career. He was renowned for his ability to read plays quickly. Which allowed him to get into position early and make some spectacular saves. His enthusiasm and dedication will never be forgotten by hockey fans everywhere.

These are just a few of the greatest best hockey goalies of all time in NHL history. There are still many other legendary netminders who deserve recognition for their incredible achievements on the ice. If you’re a fan of modern or classic goaltenders. There is no denying that these players have left an indelible mark on hockey history.


The above content highlights 11 best hockey goalies of all time in NHL history and their respective accomplishments on the ice. From Ken Dryden to Dominik Hasek, each of these greats brought something special to the game and will forever be remembered as some of hockey’s biggest stars. Their legacies live on through future generations of netminders, allowing them to build upon the incredible foundations laid by these pioneers of the game. 

No matter what style they played, each of the best hockey goalies of all time had their own unique story that made them special and hockey fans everywhere can be proud to recognize the contributions of these legendary figures. The names and accomplishments of these 12 goaltenders have forever shaped NHL history and will remain indelible in the hearts and minds of hockey fans everywhere.

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